Mtec Mechanical Testing is proud to announce a new online resource for tracking and retrieving data online!

   Our new computer database system uploads test results automatically as the test is completed in the lab. This capability reduces lead time and ensures accuracy. Every test run is tracked by a bar-coding system to assist in expediting priority orders, control production, and guarantee accurate test parameters and material characteristics. This ensures that the quality and trace-ability of test results at Mtec is maintained both by every member of our experienced personnel, as well as a state of the art internet based system that is visible to our customers. Our new database also allows customers to:

• Enter purchase order information

• Request a quote from one of our sales team members

• Log in and track material received

• Monitor completion of purchase orders

• Get answers about testing capabilities, lead time or specification requirements

• View/Print certificates from the webpage

    Fill out the request quote form on our website and our customer service team will respond within minutes with pricing, lead time, and a specific testing plan needed to satisfy customer requirements.

    Please contact Heather Diaz at to receive log in information, or call (832)823-1361 for more information.

MTEC Mechanical Testing Service

An independent Metallurgical testing facility, offering expertise in all phases of Mechanical Testing and Metallography. We have the state-of-the-art computerized systems for testing evaluations which have been custom-designed to better service our clients.

MTEC will provide clients with efficient and expedient service, will accompany that service with accurate reporting, and will continually strive to improve.

Quality Assurance

MTEC is committed to serving its customers by conforming to specified requirements, expeditiously and accurately. We accomplish our commitment through strict adherence to our Quality Manual and supporting procedures. Our personnel is continuously trained and dedicated to quality performance. Test specimens are manufactured and inspected for conformance to the applicable drawings and specifications. Testing equipment inspection tools are calibrated and traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology. We verify our own performance through audits and management review. Our records, including graphics, are stored on computer and backed-up daily, making them retrievable for our customers. We are committed to grow our business through customer satisfaction.

MTEC Mechanical Testing Services participates in proficiency testing programs through both The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Collaborative Testing Services (CTS), an independent inter-laboratory testing facility. These testing programs are statistical quality assurance programs that enable us to assess our performance in conducting test methods within our own laboratories, in comparison to data from other laboratories. These programs pull data worldwide, from hundreds of labs, into the same program. Mtec Mechanical Testing Services participates in these programs in order to demonstrate a commitment to compliance with accreditation requirements, prove measurement competence to customers, enhance the training of lab personnel, and receive advanced warning of any and all potential equipment problems. Most importantly, participation in these programs provides our customers with a critical and impartial tool for evaluating the services rendered at our facility.